April 2019 - Spring Has Sprung

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April 2019 - Spring Has Sprung


*Price includes gratuity


Court Tree Collective

371 Court St

Brooklyn, NY 11231


We’re celebrating the bounty of the spring!

Course 1: Fava bean & ricotta crostini, fresh mint

Course 2: Garden pea soup, morel mushroom cream

Course 3: Leek and goat cheese frittata, local greens

Course 4: Silver dollar pancakes, strawberry rhubarb compote, maple whipped cream

To Drink: “The Breakfast Blush” - Fruit tea, fresh citrus, sweet vermouth, elderflower liqueur, sparkling wine

Cocktail by Justin Noel of Closing Time Cocktails and Sweetwater Social

*No substitutions please. Menu subject to change based on produce availability.

**Though we are serving a cocktail this month, you may still BYOB!


Goya in Tijuana

The restless world that Brooklyn artist Tony Geiger creates encompasses both classical surrealism and more contemporary concerns. Conflict is usually present. These mischievous juxtapositions are attempting to make statements on the human condition, either politically, physically or spiritually. The use of brooding muted colors is designed to heighten their emotional impact. The paintings themselves are rendered in a somewhat realistic style with acute detail. They could easily be dated to earlier times but for subtle clues like a touch of spray paint here or a abstract gesture there. In the end, Tony wants the viewer to be challenged and amused by this mixture of the macabre and the playful. As in folklore, he often uses animals to stand in for humans to create a useful distance between the viewer and the story he is trying to tell.⠀