March 2019 - The Luck of the Irish

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March 2019 - The Luck of the Irish


*Price includes gratuity


Court Tree Collective

371 Court St

Brooklyn, NY 11231


It’s never too late to toast to St. Patty!

Course 1: “Fish On A Chip” - Irish smoked salmon, dill creme fraiche, bagel crisp

Course 2: Irish beer cheese soup, bacon, chives

Course 3: Corned beef hash, fried egg, horseradish-dijon sauce

Course 4: Irish coffee mousse, caramel, whiskey whipped cream

To Drink: Irish Breakfast iced tea

*No substitutions please. Menu subject to change prior to event.

Want something stronger than tea? BYOB!



Orazio de Gennaro’s series “Heads” is an homage to his experience as a sculptor, both in the images within the series and by the materials he uses, all made by hand. This series is inspired by ancient Roman mosaics of the heads of boxers and fighters and most importantly by the archaic stone carved heads of Gargano in Puglia dating from the 10th century BC. Orazio’s technique references the “feeling” of fresco. He uses an earth palette which includes handmade lime paint, pigments, graphite and shellac. The creation of these materials in the studio is an essential component of his process, allowing for a certain immediacy in his work. His language is multi dimensional – a landscape, a dreamscape, a mindscape, making the work at once monumental and intimate, archaic and contemporary.

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