Cacao Blues

Cacao Blues is a pop duo born from the long time collaboration of Grammy Award winner keyboardist Enrico de Trizio and Guatemalan born singer songwriter Michelle Palmieri. Their music takes the romance of traditional Latin American styles like bolero and tango, and brings it into a contemporary electronic soul soundscape. We can’t wait to welcome them to Brunch Club this June!


in which we all kiss something.jpg

Maria Mercedes Martinez and Denver Butson

Their first collaboration began twenty years ago, when visual artist Maria Mercedes Martinez, put a cigar box with ten little drawings outside poet Denver Butson’s apartment door. Butson took the little drawings and paired them with words — some from previous poems, some randomly chosen from notebooks, some written just for the drawings themselves — and added ten new sets of words on the same-sized pieces of paper and then returned the cigar box to the front of Martinez’s door. This back-and-forth continued for a few weeks, each time with the recipient responding to the ten new pieces and then adding ten additional pieces to the box. When they finished they had dozens of paired drawings/poems, which they called the cigar box project, a project which has been exhibited a few times since then, and always returned soon after to its original cigar box. Maria and Denver joined Brunch Club in February to share more about in which we all kiss something secretly - the third collaboration of these friends and artists over the past twenty years.


Marcy Brafman

Marcy Brafman is a painter who lives and works in NYC in a second story studio overlooking the beautiful Holland Tunnel. Her work is concerned with the icons and indicators of life both on the ground and in the media. Her paintings and drawings are oracles of the miraculous and the terrible. Marcy Brafman studied Fine Arts at Bard College. We were pleased to have Marcy join Brunch Club in January to tell us more about her exhibit, Sympathy for the Future.